Slendertone System Multi-Buy Offers

One of the best features of the Slendertone System range is that the controller is re-useable between garments (Abs, Shorts, Arms).  This makes toning multiple areas much more cost effective because you can purchase additional garments as required without the need for a second controller.  To further enhance the cost effectiveness of this approach, we are offering a discount when a single controller plus two or more garments are purchased at the same time.

We have put together the most popular combinations below but if the combination you want is not listed, just let us know.

Slendertone System Controller + Female Abs + Male Abs GarmentsSlendertone System Special OffersSlendertone System Special Offer

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Buy a single controller with two garments and receive a £5 discount.

Slendertone System Male and Female Abs toning belts plus a single controller to share between the belts.
Includes a full set of pads for each garment.